Mt.Gox Launches To Explain What The Heck A Bitcoin Is


It’s Thanksgiving! And, judging by the fact that you read tech blogs, you’re probably at least a bit of a geek. Know what that means? Today’s the day you get to answer all of your extended family’s tech questions! Hurrah!

For the last few years, that’s probably meant explaining the difference between iPhone and Android. This year, you’ll probably get to explain what the heck this “Bitcoin” thing is at least twice.

Fortunately, one of the top Bitcoin exchanges has just launched an informational site that ought to make things a bit easier to understand.

Putting their domain to a pleasingly non-spammy use, Mt.Gox has just relaunched the domain as an introductory repository of information focused on all things Bitcoin. While they could’ve just put up a big static page that says “WANT BITCOIN? GO TO MT.GOX” and called it a day, it seems like they’re actually trying to…

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