YouTube Claims It Has Been Behind Every Viral Video Trend Ever


What is the scariest possible outcome of Google’s involvement in your life? That they track your whereabouts and send them to the NSA? That they don’t care about user experience and only send you ads? Those are bush league compared to this: What if, without you ever knowing it, Google had crafted all the greatest viral trends on the internet on purpose?

What if they weren’t just videos, created by average Joes and loved by many, but an elaborate ruse planned and produced by YouTube, in a sort of modern-day, inverted Truman Show?

That’s the central thesis of today’s YouTube April Fools’ prank.

The company posted a video to its blog announcing that for the first time ever, YouTube would let the public help decide the viral video trends in 2014.

The suggestion here is that every viral video you’ve ever known or loved, like Gangnam Style, Rebecca Black, or Charlie…

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