Cadillac wants to take back luxury


Luxury. Aspiration. Cool. For years, those were words that could easily be applied to Cadillac, perhaps the most iconic brand of American cars this side of the Mustang.

For the past decade or so, though, Cadillac has not kept up with the times. It hasn’t been the brand young people aspire to own, but instead was seen as a stodgy, old nameplate — one whose day had come and gone and made millennials think about the cars their parents drove in the 1980s, not the cars they wanted to buy once they finally started to earn the money needed to buy anything more than a broken down beater.

Now, though, the New York — by way of Detroit — company is looking to change all that. Cadillac wants to take back some of the luxury consumers it has ceded to the German carmakers — namely BMW and Mercedes — and…

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