Facebook isn’t evil for blocking promotional Page posts


Facebook’s latest algorithm tweak will hit businesses the hardest: Promotional, spammy Page posts will no longer surface on people’s newsfeeds. Other less ad-like posts from Pages will still show up.

Anything that could double as a promotion will be banished by the algorithmic gods of social war. As an example, Facebook included this image:

One example Facebook gave of a spammy Page post One example Facebook gave of a spammy Page post

Although the algorithm change might benefit users, who will see less annoying ads, it’s a blow for some businesses. Brands have spent time, resources, and money building out their Facebook following. As a result, the algorithm changes have been described as “shady,” “ridiculous,” and “pay-to-play.”

There’s an argument to be made that Facebook bait-and-switched companies, convincing them to invest in their Facebook pages without warning them they could lose their promotional power down the line. It doesn’t help the fact that Facebook benefits by restricting Page reach in this way…

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