TED@StateStreet offers words to inspire leaders at every level

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Patrice Thompson speaks at TED@State Street salon at Troxy, November 18, 2014, London, England. At TED@StateStreet, Patrice Thompson shares how two generations with very different ideals can work together effectively. Photo: Paul Sanders/TED

From anti-jargon campaigns to how Gen X and Gen Y can collaborate, TED@StateStreet highlighted ideas to inspire leaders at every level. This TED Institute event, held in London on November 18, showcased speakers from both inside and outside the financial services company. Throughout, the focus was on innovative thinking in work culture.

Below, quotes worth sharing from each of the TED@StateStreet talks:

“The quality of our conversations matter. Great achievements only come after great conversations.” —John O’Leary, communications advocate 

“We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We have the rim, the hub and the spokes — we just need to put them together.” —Paul O’Connell, economist

“Big social changes can start with seemingly small, mundane actions.” —Christina Balch, selfie artist

“Imagine if your life were defined by the thing you…

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