Why T-Mobile subscribers in 21 cities are seeing faster speeds


T-Mobile is starting to clock some impressive download speeds on its newly upgraded LTE networks in different parts of the country: 30.2 Mbps in Columbus, Ohio; 24.1 Mbps in Boston; and 19.3 Mbps in Kansas City. And these are just averages. T-Mobile has recorded peaks speeds as high 86 Mbps on what it’s calling its Wideband LTE network.

Wideband LTE is now in 21 cities and metro regions, giving subscribers access to anywhere from 50 percent more to double the bandwidth of T-Mobile’s regular 4G networks. That equates to theoretical peak speeds of 100 Mbps to 150 Mbps, though real world speeds are far lower due to imperfect conditions of mobile networks.

Mobilize 2012 Neville Ray T-Mobile Neville Ray, CTO, T-Mobile, speaking at Gigaom’s Mobilize conference

[company]T-Mobile[/company] basically has been piling more spectrum onto its network, a process that started way back in 2012, when the failed AT&T-Mo merger landed T-Mobile with a bunch of…

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