13 Titans and 1 Icon

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Storytelling: A great personal and business tool

Strategic storytelling uses the basic structure of movies to tell the story of your idea.  The key is to tell the story in such a way as the listener places themselves in the story.  They see themselves, their family, their business, someone the know have the challenges you describe.  Its then you have created the emotional connection between your idea and the listener.

Storytelling by Lola Montalban
Storytelling by Lola Montalban

Los números de 2013

Los duendes de las estadísticas de WordPress.com prepararon un informe sobre el año 2013 de este blog.

Aquí hay un extracto:

Un teleférico de San Francisco puede contener 60 personas. Este blog fue visto por 2.700 veces en 2013. Si el blog fue un teleférico, se necesitarían alrededor de 45 viajes para llevar tantas personas.

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What Most Schools Don’t Teach

Your Business Plan in 8 steps


Great Spanish Chefs’Wisdom/ La Sabiduría de los Grandes Cocineros Españoles

Leadership will be everywhere. When you go to a Great Restaurant, you’ll be sure that there is a real leader managing the staff and creating all the “chef d’ouvre” you’re eating. Surprisely, or not, they have a table of qualities than go over of just the work of  cooking.

Here you have a selection of Spanish Chefs and their quotes. They are almost all Michelin starred. Of course, there are much more…. but is just an “aperitivo”.